Onsite repair serving North San Diego County!

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Cove Computers doesn't just deal with Desktops, we also repair Laptops, All in Ones, Apple Computers, Tablets, Game consoles, Point of Sales and iPhones. 

We do IT and repair for small businesses. Whether you need help in your home or at the office, we offer the same rate.

Need a computer fixed? Have printer issues? Need computer help for your business? You have come to the right place. Cove Computer Solutions is a company that specializes in computer service. We not only fix computers, but we upgrade them, build them and sell them. We also work with small businesses with their computer and IT needs. Our price for this service is simple and honest. We charge $49 as the base and $15/hr. Parts are sold separately. We also have several upgrade packages for your needs. If you want a faster computer or if you want even more; we have the solution!